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The IPMA 2013 World Congress will take place in Dubrovnik, Croatia in Sep-Oct 2013



This is APMSA

The Association for Project Management South Africa is a non-profit, section 21 company whose mission is to promote professional Project Management in South Africa. APMSA’s membership compromises of individual Project Managers and organizations throughout Southern Africa. APMSA is the National Association affiliated to the International Project Management Association, IPMA.



IPMA was founded in 1965 in Vienna, Europe. IPMA is the world’s oldest and most experienced project management organisation with over 60.000 members in 47 countries around the world making it an international network of national project management organisations. IPMA is a non-profit organisation and work for the benefit of its members and clients. IPMA is actively engaged in Project Management development and promotion. More than 90.000 Project Managers has been certified in the last 10 years. In addition, to the world’s only leading competence certification system, IPMA makes excellence awards and publishes project management magazines and scientific journals about market trends and research. By joining IPMA through the national association, you become a member of the IPMA family and have the opportunity to keep up with developments in project management and to participate in the exciting career of management, in particular project management .


APMSA-Sert is an expert organization in evaluations and objective performance assessments for both professional persons and training programmes. APMSA-SERT administers IPMA certification to ISO 17.024 recommendation for certification of persons.




APMSA membership comprises of individual and corporate membership. There are 3 different types of individual membership: Member, Associate and Student. Once you become an APMSA member, you automatically become a member of the IPMA family worldwide.


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