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The IPMA 2013 World Congress will take place in Dubrovnik, Croatia in Sep-Oct 2013

Our Mission and Vision

The Vision of APMSA is to be a forum for project managers and those that have an interest in project management technologies, and organisations who subscribe to the idea of "manage-by-projects".
Everybody that has anything to do with project management can be part of APMSA-IPMA. It is an inclusive organization. We don't just view Project Management as a mere skill, but as a lifestyle skill.


The Mission of APMSA is to promote professional project management and move people forward. Professional project management means a deep understanding of project and general management tools, techniques and what is considered as "best practices". It requires a fundamental understanding of business and wealth creation processes. It requires a suite of Values and Guiding principles that will permit the project manager to do what is right rather than just expedient decision-making. Respect for the values and cultures, health and safety, and the environment of the interested parties is paramount.

APMSA formulated the following guiding statements.

  • APMSA board must representative project management interest groups as far as possible.
  • An affiliation with a mature international organisation with an international acknowledged certification programme and standards; hence the affiliation with IPMA.
  • Cooperate with the government agencies where possible.
  • Encourage IPMA ExBo to engage in the developing world and at the United Nations and with national governments; hence the suggestion to have a Vice President: Development at the IPMA ExBo.
  • Promote professional project management competence and corporate excellence rather than only "Skills"; hence the choice of IPMA®. IPMA PM 4-L-C is to be the certification offering in the SA market of the best choice.
  • Promote a unified SA management culture; hence the efforts towards unity resulting in FPMO.
  • Accreditation of training materials and lecturers consistent with the requirements of the ZAF NCB3 and ZAF NCRG3. This will provide a basis for upgrading the SA training service providers to an international level.
  • Provide a platform and a bridge for U'Buntu-cultured persons to join the project management profession both nationally and in Africa; hence our relationships in Zambia and Congo, and the promotion of the PC 4-L-C system.

The objectives of APMSA are to:

  • Maintain and promote a professional body for Project Management in South Africa with links to international organizations like IPMA, to benefit from the networking and exchanges that international organizations afford.
  • Develop and promote a common Management understanding in South Africa through bodies like FPMO (a federation compromising of founding members APMSA, IMC, and SAIM) and other Management organisations. When possible, APMSA contributes to PM at governmental level.
  • Continuous evaluation of needs of practicing PM's and employers of PM's to refine products and services.
  • Formulate Project Management training and competence programmes.
  • Accredit Training Services Provider courses and lecturers to ensure that members receive Project Management training for complex projects. This is different to the many programmes that focus on rule-based Project Management training for the non-complex PM environment. APMSA accredit trainers (min. Level-B) and accredit training material to meet IPMA ICB3 requirements.
  • Evaluate and develop organization Project Management maturity and certify them to be "Project Ready". APMSA, GPM-IPMA and the Scandinavian organizations are formulating a company maturity model based on ICB3 and DIN 69904.
  • Promote Project Management competence certification to accredited standards (like ISO 17024) and IPMA certification rules, and the ICB standard, all consolidated in the National Competence Baseline (NCB). ISO 17024 and IPMA ICRG are imperatives for the IPMA programme.
  • Do consulting work in project management.





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