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APMSA PM 4-L-C Training and Discussion Groups

APMSA Training courses
Training courses are conducted in line with the certification programme and consists of a basic course for IPMA Level D and level-related courses for IPMA Level C, IPMA Level B and IPMA Level A.
All APMSA Courses are presented by lecturers at IPMA Level B or evaluated to be at IPMA Level B.
Therefore, not only knowledge is imparted, but also relevant experience.

Training course content and duration may vary depending on the IPMA level the candidates aspire to.
These courses can also be adjusted and customised to suit specific needs and requirements.

Training is conducted in the form of a workshop - groups of 6-8 candidates at a time.

Should you wish to obtain a quotation for APMSA training, please contact or email us at

Discussion Groups
The IPMA competence baseline (ICB3) is considered to be the best management framework available.
APMSA is offering interested parties the opportunity to participate in Discussion Groups to gain knowledge, improve skills and PM competence. A range of elements will be discussed and workshopped (see dates and topics as indicated under APMSA Training and Discussion Group dates and fees) whereupon participants will participate in tasks, typically found in a project.
The Transfer Evidence Guideline will be used to select a number of Elements/ tasks for the workshop.
On completion of these tasks, credit towards IPMA level D certification could be obtained.

What is required?
Light preparation work - familirasation with the IPMA Element description and definitions.

What do you get?
TE Guideline
Group session and coaching (one full day)
Discussion in group
Better understanding and additional insight
Lunch and refreshments included

Interested parties can attend these Discussion Groups - please see
Training Dates & Fees pages for more information.

Discount for APMSA Members
APMSA membership entitles you to a discount for APMSA training and Discussion groups.

APMSA Membership period

Discount for Training

Discount for Discussion Groups

More than 2 years

R3 000


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