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The title ‘project manager' is a generic term for a highly diverse profession. In other words, not all project managers are alike! Project managers differ according to experience and to the organisational level at which they are active. The same also applies to the complexity and number of projects under their purview. IPMA® PM 4-L-C certification recognises this and makes this distinction transparent.

There are four IPMA® certification levels, ranging from project management associates (IPMA Level D®) to experienced professionals who manage a portfolio or serve as programme manager (IPMA Level A®). The level differentiation makes it clear what project management technical, behaviural and context competences are required.

Transparency of demonstrated competences is essential for the professionalism of both the organisation and individual employees. Moreover, organisations and clients alike benefit from the clarity of knowing objectively the project managers' expertise and skills. In addition, IPMA® certification offers project managers an informative awareness and reflection process, which can result in further insight and professionalism. Qualifications offer mostly a knowledge component in one level.


Certification or Qualification

A qualification shows that the candidate has attained a standard of knowledge and insight which is determined by the examination body. A typical MBA or business qualification often contains a Project Management module as part of the course. These modules normally does not provide enough substance and depth in project management. Often the examination body is the institution that provides the training itself. This leads to a conflict of interest, compromises the value of the qualification and is contrary to the ISO/IEC 17.024 standard.

IPMA® Certification means assessment by two independent, competent and fair assessors, based on the real management evidence of the candidates. This puts the value of the certification assessment on an adequate quality level for a competence certificate. Certification is a competence (knowledge and experience) based assessment.
Worldwide certification is gaining value and popularity because of its inherent value. By December 2008, IPMA had more than 90.000 certified persons worldwide


Participating organisations


As the umbrella organisation for national project management associations, the International Project Management Association (IPMA®) establishes the requirements for the assessments and certification of project managers. In 2007, IPMA® approved the South African First Assessors. APMSA-SERT has the right to use the IPMA® certification system. This means that all IPMA member associations worldwide will accept the South African competence assessment and therefore your certification is recognised worldwide.


APMSA is the National Association affiliated to IPMA. APMSA commissioned APMSA-Sert to do the certification and issues the IPMA certificates.



APMSA-Sert is a separate legal entity from APMSA. ISO/IEC 17024 demands separation of interests so that objectivity and transparency are achieved in the certification process. APMSA-Sert is the organisation in South Africa that is responsible for the IPMA®certifications.


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